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Not so dry January

It seems that many people nowadays absteem from alcohol during January, but for myself I will attend more Wine Tasting events than in any other month. In fact it is a month of wall to wall wine tasting for anyone in the wine trade, a time to taste new vintages and discover new wines for the Spring. New Year relationships in the wine trade are to be treasured and enjoyed, and with that in mind here are some New Year wine themes to entice you:

New Moon This January the moon will be closer to the Earth than normal, and to us mere mortals that might not mean much. However some of our Biodynamic wine makers, when sowing and planting, use an astrological calendar; and this has a clear effect on the finished wines. Try the Ruminat Primitivo which is Organic, Biodynamic & Vegan friendly, from Puglia in Italy. It is quite a wine! £16.99 ea.

New Potential We often deal with new young winemakers who are full of vim and vigour. Our favourite new kids on the block this January are the Brunier brothers who are using their vineyards in Ventoux to usurp their family’s great wines of Chateauneuf du Pape. In fact they are positively shouting about it with their ‘Megaphone’ Ventoux wine, a heady blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. A bold, richly flavoured, herb-infused palate, £18.99 ea.

New Ideas In order to change people’s preconceptions someone has to start a new trend. The Kawin wines from Lolol Valley in Chile are doing that. The sometimes simple sharp wines of Chile are being exchanged for softer more floral styles, reminiscent of the delicate wines of the Loire Valley in France. Check out his new idea with the Kawin Sauvignon Blanc, Chile at £11.49 ea.

New Discoveries A chance meeting recently resulted in our discovery of a brand new English Fizz grown in Enborne, just 8 miles from our Hungerford shop. This Rose Sparkling wine benefits from ripe juicy strawberry fruits and a sublime creamy fresh edge. It has excelled at all our recent tastings. This All Angels Sparkling Brut Rose is yours for just £34.99 ea.

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