In a humble yet stylish bottle & featuring a unique pattern design for every bottle in their range, Corner Fifty Three know exactly who they are and what they're about.

All distilled at their distillery operating from a shed in Toms back garden in Clanfield, Hampshire.
Right on the edge of the South Downs, using their 2 stills Rosie & War Machine

This particular variant sets out to be a big hit of citrus, married with apple & pear and delivers a long bitter & woody finish.

The Distiller says:

Developed to stand up to tonic, we had gotten annoyed with seeing lovely delicate flavoured gins, that as soon as you add any tonic to is immediately overpowered and washed away. So working with about 10 times the amount of botanicals and using just fresh fruit, rather than dried, we set out to make a really bold refreshing gin.
The use of so much fresh fruit, results in a huge flavour but causes the spirit to become extremely hazy when cut with water due to so much citrus oil passing through distillation.

Working with theoretical chemists we developed a whole new process that allows us to clarify the spirit after this effect has taken place without losing any of its flavour.

Corner 53 Pomelo Gin Pink Grapefruit & Wormwood

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