In a humble yet stylish bottle & featuring a unique pattern design for every bottle in their range, Corner Fifty Three know exactly who they are and what they're about.

All distilled at their distillery operating from a shed in Toms back garden in Clanfield, Hampshire.
Right on the edge of the South Downs, using their 2 stills Rosie & War Machine

This particular variant is uniquely savoury and tries to capture the essence of Umami. No word of a lie, this is one funky number designed to stand up to strong food pairings with pride.


The Distiller says:

Based around the idea of trying to capture the fifth flavour of Umami, this one actually came about during a chat after a few beers.
Jamie asked Tom if he could try distilling mushrooms, on the basis that he was actually allergic to them and wanted to try it.
A purely mushroom distillate tasted awful but it fell into this idea of making something right at the other end of the flavour spectrum.

So working with various Chefs, we put together a list of suitable fruit and vegetables for capturing Umami.
Settling on roasted butternut squash, shiitake mushroom, sun dried tomatoes and rosemary, on top of much more traditional botanicals.

Corner 53 Umami Gin Butternut & Shiitake Gin

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